All teams shall be composed of 3-5 participants from an accredited university. Each participant must be attending his or her respective institution in the Spring 2021 academic semester. If a substitute is provided for any team member, the team must inform the organizing committee prior to the competition day and the substitute must participate for the entirety of the event following their entry.



Competition Rules


All communication with participants, case materials, and presentations will and must be provided in English. All teams must prepare and present on the case provided. A panel of judges will select the finalists. Judging panels will be composed of academic and business leaders who are respected for their experience in the healthcare industry.


Case teams are required to submit all presentations as PowerPoint files. Other presentation software is not permitted. By submitting your PowerPoint, you give consent for the YHCC committee to provide your presentation and all applicable details to the sponsor organization for their internal use.


The team pool and presentation order will be randomly drawn on the evening of Friday, February 12th. Presentations will begin morning of Saturday, February 13th.


Delegates will be given a random team number. Delegates cannot refer to their university during presentations, and may not wear any university-affiliated clothing. Judges will address all teams by their team numbers. Any team that does divulge university information could be subject to point deductions and/or disqualification, which is up to the discretion of the organizing team.


Team presentations will be up to 15 minutes long with 5 minutes for questions from the judges. Teams will be provided with a five-minute and one-minute warning by a student timekeeper during the presentation. Teams will be penalized for going past 15 minutes in length for presentations.


Any team that arrives late for the preparatory period will not be granted additional time. Start times will be honored for both the preparatory period and for the presentation in the interest of fairness. The YHCC organizing committee will not be held responsible for technical problems that arise either during the preparatory period or during the presentation itself.

Following all of the first round presentations, the judges will make their decisions regarding who to pass along to the final rounds. This information will be sealed and submitted to the Yale Healthcare Case Competition Co-Chairs. The sponsor and judges do not know which students represent which schools at this time.


Finalists will be announced on Saturday, February 13th, after lunch and the final presentation rounds will take place the same afternoon. Teams advancing to the final round will present again their recommendation followed by a more rigorous round of questioning from judges.




Teams will be judged using standardized scoring criteria provided in the delegate package. There will be four preliminary pools of five teams each. The top team from each preliminary round will advance to the final round. Additionally, after a meeting with judges from all three preliminary pools, judges will decide on two additional teams to advance to the final round. In total, six teams will advance to the final round.

The judges that will be in the preliminary round may be different from judges that will be judging the final round. The judging panel for the final round will determine the winner of the competition and the results will be announced following the event on Saturday, February 13th, 2021.

Scores will be based on quality and creativity of the proposed solution, quality of presentation and responses during Q&A, utilization of industry specific knowledge, etc. (see attached score sheet). The Yale Healthcare Case Competition Organizing Committee reserves the right to make minor changes to the score sheet prior to the case presentations. Minor changes include grammatical and material changes to particular questions on the scorecard, not the overall categories of evaluation and their weights.


1st Place - $5,000
2nd Place - $2,000

3rd Place - $1,000