2018 Competition

On February 24, 2018, 20 teams from across the United States and United Kingdom competed  to answer the question: how can a wearable device help people gain better control over their health data and thus make more informed healthcare decisions? In addition, can such a wearable device help pre-diabetic patients better manage their needs? How can such a product both successfully go to market while maintaining a social mission for low-income, high-risk patients?

The 2018 competition was sponsored by The Jackson Laboratory, IQVIA, and 3M Health Information Systems.

The winning teams were:

  • 1st Place ($5,000): Judge Business School, Cambridge University

    • Gabriel Wei Zhi Thia, ​​Aaron Qi, Takahiro Aoki, Hannah Kanamori, Yiwei Li

  • 2nd Place ($1,500): Vagelo College of Physicians & Surgeons and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Columbia University

    • Seoeun Lee, Huizhong Angie Feng, Nina So, Ranran Hu ​

  • 3rd Place ($500): Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Cornell University​

    • Mayur Gadiya, Yuedan Chen, Sahil Chopra, Chaitanya Badwe, Virginia Teijeiro​

Participating schools included:

2018_Participating Schools.jpg